3 Social Event Pakistani Designer Clothes That Everyone Wants in 2022

Rafia.pk is one of the most popular clothing brands in Pakistan for Qawwali nights and farewell parties. With the beginning of the festive season in Pakistan, many young women will be purchasing new clothing in the coming months and days. Everybody strives for perfection in every detail. During all of this, finding the perfect outfit for any event can be quite difficult. Whether you are the host who needs to choose an outfit for herself or the guest who will be meeting a lot of people and needs to look your best Rafia.pk is the best option for Pakistani designer dresses.


Summers in Pakistan are longer, which means there are more occasions and festivities to attend. With so many gatherings to attend, our collection has some contemporary, classy, yet comfortable lawn dresses to avoid the heat. If we look back a few years, lawn clothes were thought to be solely for casual wear, but designers have changed that perception in recent years, and now we can see where a simple lawn dress can be worn to a variety of different parties still looking incredibly stylish.


Let us have a look at the 2022 collection in some popular social events this year:


Qawwali Night

Qawwali music has enthralled listeners all over the world for decades. Qawwali, or "way of the heart," is a Sufi mystical expression. Pakistani designer clothes are making these nights exuberant with their luxury lawn and signature pret. Rafia.pk has some unique fashionable designs for the summer season that is best for the night like these.


Day out with friends

All we want is a nice dinner with our friends to unwind and make memories together. As a result, we will need a bunch of lawn outfits to bring to our nice meal with friends. During the summer, the days are quite hot, making it more difficult to dress up and go out. We all favor pastel-colored dresses that seem to be subtle but highly contemporary and classy for summer lunch plans to make people look cool and shining. Rafia's most recent lawn collection is ideal for a lunch date with friends. This collection features a pastel color scheme with beautiful stitching and design throughout. For this summer season, she presents a luxury lawn suit that is breezy, breathable, and incredibly lightweight. Every single outfit in this collection is flawless. Just add the appropriate kind of makeup and a pair of elegant heels, and you are ready for the girls' night out.



The weddings are never-ending and we know how difficult it gets to carry those heavy hand worked Pakistani designer dresses with heavy dupattas. Luxury Pret includes long pathways, a short straight shirt with plazo, and even floor-length shirts to make you seem regal this wedding season. The light chiffon fabric in this Rafia Khas line is the nicest element since it is both summer-friendly and excellent for wedding attire.