Top 5 Pakistani Dresses Trends this Year

Pakistan is a developing country, and industries here are still trying to make it big with each passing day. But, when it comes to the fashion industry, Pakistan is in the leading race and tops the market worldwide. Each region offers a unique fashion style with several provinces in the country. In general, the fashion of the country is dry and revolutionary. Pakistani designer dresses are making a global impression.

You can see a mix of ideas circulating from other countries and adapted by Eastern countries in the latest fashion trends. Consequently, it brought a great revolution to the fashion industry in the country. This year, trendy clothes with modern and chic styles will be in the spotlights alongside modifications.

For this reason, we have listed down five Pakistani designer dresses trends of the year 2022. So, let us talk about it!

1.      Medium length shorts paired with cigarette pants:

In 2019, a trend of medium-length shirts alongside cigarette pants prevailed. This year, bold colors alongside printed designs are introduced in a medium-length shirt. Pakistani designer clothes include medium-length shirts with various cuts, designs, and prints.

This trendy design is perfect for both winter and summer, both. With a printed medium-length shirt, you can pair a single-colored cigarettes pant, including a button on the downside. It gives off the slim and smart look which you were looking for.

2.      Digital Printed Shirts:

Three-piece suits never go out of style. Instead, it always adheres according to our traditions. A vast majority of the population still sticks to it. This year, digitally printed three-piece suits are going to blow you out with their modern designs.

You can opt from the exclusive range available at The style is perfect and gives off a decent look to wear at family functions. These prints decide your appearance, therefore choose wisely.

3.      Bell-bottom trousers:

Add bell-bottoms in your cart from and show yourself a trend follower for this year. These trousers transform your everyday look into a modern chic look when you pair them with medium-length shirts, Kurtis, or dresses.

It is perfect to wear at parties. Further, with matching heels, you can give off an impressive look. Single and straightforward color bell-bottom trouser alongside beautiful net ponchos gives a bright look for middle-aged women.

4.      Pakistani designer clothes with Pastel colors:

In 2019, we observed people inclining towards pastel colors. Whether it is the winter season or summer, it attracts women of all ages. You can opt for them from the Pakistani designer clothes collection and wear them on the next outfit with your friends.

The pastel color suits are perfect for family gatherings too. It is an ideal choice for formal and casual wear. You can pair them up with eye-catching accessories to up your style game.

5.      Chunri designs:

Gone are the days when chunri was common on wedding days. This summer, chunri is included in lawn suits and captivated the fashion industry. It reflects Asian culture and pays tribute to our heritage.

To buy Pakistani designer dresses, you can visit Add them to your cart now, and up your style game.