Unstitched Clothing is Now Available at Rafia Designer Wear

Gone are the days when people used to wear minimalist standard designs that every 

Second clothing brand is manufacturing and selling. You and I like to wear a tad different design from 

masses. Most of us would have probably seen our favorite hero / heroine wearing a cool 

cut / style and it looked amazing on him / her. You are probably thinking should I 

google the style worn by Hollywood heroin, find out what is that type of 

dress called and then google again for finding online stores that sell that type of outfit, 

easy, isn’t it? But there is one little detail that you probably missed, you are probably not 

the same height or more importantly not the same body type. You would probably think I 

will order one size smaller (or bigger) and that will do the job. Well, it is not about buying 

earphones to go with your phone / computer, that you buy regular sizes earphones and 

it will fit in your ears somehow. We are talking about something that defines your style 

no matter the other person looks at you from the front, back, side, far or close. Your 

outfit is what they see first besides your face. This ought to look good on you, right? 

Rafia.pk has designed, stitched and stocked a variety of dresses wedding wear, luxury pret, semi formal or casual wear. You can go on our online store and see that we have trousers, gown / abayas and even kids wear as well. You could choose from any of these. However, you might want to make your own style statement with your new unstitched dress that you can design by yourself. A style that goes with your personality, colors that you like…instead of colors and designs decided by a third person. Well, you would be surprised how playing a little with 

lines and curves of the unstitched fabric can change the outlook of your outfit…


Rafia.pk is launching unstitched clothing line where you could buy color schemes you like, design patterns that makes you go wow, floral, paisleys, lines, colorful, single color, there are so many design patterns you can choose your unstitched cloth / fabric from. If that does not seem like a world of freedom, you have a whole heap of cloth types and multiple qualities within each type of cloth. Once you have your favorite print in your hands, you have so many different options to choose from when you want to get it stitched. We have unstitched winter fabric available for you that you can get designed exclusively for you to keep yourself warm in these winters. Keeping in view the coming summer season we will be launching soft and light fabrics for you. Besides that, we have kept special focus on bright and cool summer colors so your fashion choice is not off of the season. You will soon get to see the online launch of our summer range, the moment you hear / see it, do not waist a single moment and book your favorite designs. In past we have seen people asking for designs that sold out…you would not want to miss on your favorite design, would you?


 So, hop on to Rafia.pk online store, search for your favorite color and design (or may be pick up and existing style and customize it according to your needs) and order it online. We will deliver it free at your doorstep.