Luxurious Embroidered Volume 2: Elevate Your Eid Wardrobe with Rafia

The Eid festival is knocking on the door, and it's high time to enhance fashion anxiety with the beautiful embroidered Eid special dress at Rafia. This year, make a statement that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression with Luxurious Embroidered Eid women's outfits by Rafia.

This pretty range of embroidered fabrics comes with beautifully designed luxury pret that can best be described as beautiful, classy, and out of the ordinary. They use fabrics such as viscose or lawn to infuse the outfits with details and textures that are as rich as beautiful. This video ad for Rafia guarantees you stepping into a new, chic, and stylish Bari Eid look that defines the essence of festivity.

Now, let us take a closer look at Rafia's Eid Collection.

Luxury Pret A Porter for Modern Feminine

Rafia's Luxury Pret is a definite example of chic and sophistication, which the brand professes. These dresses will make you look and feel like a real princess because most of them are embroidered and made of very delicate materials.

Out of all these dresses, the most noticeable mother-daughter duo dress, is the 3 Piece Kids dress Luxury Pret | CH-VS546, which costs Rs. 6,550,  and Women Luxury Pret | VS-526 for Rs 9,500. This dress combines an eye-catching embroidered shirt, a dupatta, and a shalwar, complementing formal dresses.


Another eye-appealing design is available in the women's section as Women's 3 Piece Fancy Jacquard | FJ-238, which costs Rs. 11,250. The same dress in the kids section is CH-FJ238, which costs Rs 6990. This dress is made of a Viscose material that has been beautifully embroidered, which makes it perfect for those who wish to make a mother-daughter duo stand out at formal events.


Viscose Embroidered for the Stylish Lady

For all the ladies who love to dress up and look fashionable, Rafia's embroidered viscose Eid dresses for ladies will inspire you. These dresses are made of viscose material and come with tiny handmade beads that give every dress the glamour you need. This includes the Women's – 3 Piece Embroidery Viscose | VS-5469 for Rs. 12,500. The dress contains an attractive shirt, rich Sequins Tilla work, dupatta, and a shalwar to complete the grace of the dress, which brings a formal look and makes any lady look like a fashion model.


Chicken Kari With Digital Print for the Bold

For those passionate about fashion and who like to express their personality through their apparel, Rafia's Chicken Kari With Digital Print range is a symbol of empowerment. This dress is not just an outfit, it's a statement that says, 'I am bold and confident. ' The collection has many amazing dresses, including a three-piece embroidered lawn chicken Kari shirt with digital printed dupatta  | DPC-272, which costs Rs. 9,500. It has a classic and trendy digital print on the dupatta, which makes it suitable for such occasions and ceremonies.


Eid Collection Highlights

The Eid collection by Rafia is a collection of exquisitely embroidered formal dresses perfect for this season and your Eid occasions. Here are some of the highlights from the collection:

  • 3 Piece Luxury Pret | VS-548: A nicely stitched dress with embroidery with sequin, tilla, hand embellishment, colorful attire for Rs. 14,500 only.


  • Women's 3 Piece Fancy Jacquard | FJ-236: This beautiful formal frock has delicate embroidery with Sequins tilla, hand embellishment on luxurious jacquard material. It retails for Rs. 16,250 only.


  • Women's 3 Piece Fancy Jacquard | FJ-224: The latest trendy formal kaftan dress made of jacquard fabric, decorated with features of embroidery for Rs. 8,990.


  • Women's 3 Piece Embroidery Viscose | VS-547: Available at a price of Rs. 12,500, dress in a viscose fabric – formal frock loaded with embroidery with sequins and tila.

Beyond the Beauty: Get Everything To Celebrate Eid

The extra charm of Rafia is not only the impressive patterns. It offers a range of features that cater to your specific needs and preferences:

Unstitched Fabrics: For your Eid outfit, here is your chance to be over-the-top fashionable with complete creative freedom because Rafis’s sale on unstitched. Select your favorite design from the offered lawn unstitched collection, and get it tailored according to your size.

Ready to Wear Dresses: Short on time? Rafia received ready to wear dresses, which means that you literally just have to slip into fabulous without too much effort.

A Celebration for All: To follow the tradition of Bari Eid, dress up your entire family. Rafia provides a fascinating line of girls' dresses that is perfect when matched with the pieces for adults, allowing for brilliant family photos.

Rafia's Luxury Embroidered Volume 2 is a masterpiece that will take your Eid collection to a new unprecedented level. There is a wide variety of dresses, and it's possible to choose feminine luxury embroidered on a Viscose or even digital print on a Viscose, depending on your preferences. Whether you plan to dress up for a fancy Eid dinner or a family function, or if you are planning just to go out for Eid get to gather with friends, you can shop for stylish casual outfits as well as glamorous formal dresses on Rafia. So, let your fashion dreams come true, wear the embroidered Eid collection for women, and make this Eid a royal feast!