5 trending abaya designs available online at Rafia. pk

People are always excited to buy the best quality product online, which is a good sign for searching out the best brand with the right product. Rafia.pk is the trendier and excellent women designer who offers modish, elegant women's wear. Due to their epic quality standard, it gains the people's trust and attention quickly due to accomplish ladies dressing requirement. They offer a variety for women and kids. The marvelous addition in their store is the availability of Gown/Abaya. These are available in a different style with beautiful color and style variation start from a simple classic look to the modern look. Abayas is the top-selling product of the Rafia collection. 


Digitally printed Abaya:


Digitally printed abaya looks modest and gives ladies a sense of glorifying confidence and an extravagantly unique and impressive personality. The pastel mauve digital printed gown from the Rafia collection has a stunning appearance. You can wear it in routine, formal, parties or gatherings or any occasion. This Omani style with a soft and pastel color appearance intensifies your graceful personality. In this way, another viscose digital printed abaya DPG-14 also gives a classy look. It has embroided sleeves and opens in style and silk at its front opening. DPG-13 is a two-toned statement item inspired by a honey bee hive that falls under the digital printing category.


Statement anari colored Abaya:


Rafia.pk abaya style satisfies customer demands like modesty, elegancy, and feminity. Another best abaya collection is the G-213 statement anari colored abaya in store. It has beautiful embroidery with the dazzling button. Its high-class finishing and best fabric quality attract the customer. It is suitable for all festive occasions, and it looks more graceful if you pair it up with a tissue scarf. 


Frock style:


It is suitable for the 15-25 years of a girl's age, and you can wear it at a formal gathering. G-214 frock style abaya gives the modern and classic look. The first-class beauty of this Abaya highlight by the alternate pattern of plain and floral fabric straps attracts the customer. If you pair it up with a simple scarf, it looks more eye-catching in gathering. 


Self-printed floral style:


DPG-09 is the self-printed floral style abaya. It gives an aesthetic appearance with an open style and an embroidered strap. Sleeves have beautiful and neat embroidery, and the scarf is also red but outlined with a green border. It gives you an elegant, trendy and modern, and bright look. 


Embroidered abaya:


Embroidered abaya in the Rafia.pk store is available in a different style with various varieties. G-168 is the Moroccan style abaya suitable for middle age group about 35-45 give a traditional look. Its front, lower side, and bell-shaped sleeves have beautiful embroidery. The plain same colored scarf with a black outline enhances its attraction. In this way, G-216 is a crimson red color with a black border and front open suitable for the 25-35 age group. It has embroidered motif on sleeves and at the side of the abaya gives the modern western look and intensifying the allurement.