Why Abayas are among Trending Fashion in Pakistani Women

Abayas are one of the best yet comfortable clothing according to Islamic trends and fashions. It’s a long robe that helps you to covers the woman’s body. It is mainly composed of black color. Are you looking for stylish Islamic gowns? Good news for all the modern modest women out there.

Rafia is an affordable clothing brand that offers you customized Islamic gowns or abayas, and Pakistani shalwar kameez according to your choice and needs.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 main and most important reasons to wear abayas.

More than a Fashion Statement

Abayas are not just a style statement. It is the main dress code in Islam and a cultural symbol. These Islamic gowns look simply elegant and decent. Abayas are the most comfortable classic piece of cloth that covers your body and makes you look classy. It’s a long-length Islamic gown with loose sleeves. There are many reasons for wearing an abaya but the major fact is that it covers a woman from head to toe. To make your abaya more fashionable, you can add various embellishments and different colors according to your desire.

Easy to wear

Abayas are very reliable and extremely easy to wear. You can simply slip it over the dress you are already wearing. These Islamic gowns are not difficult to carry. Whether you are at home, or any workplace abayas are always an easy and comfortable outfit to carry.

Money saver

You don’t have to buy new clothes for any occasion if you carry abaya. Abayas are the money saver for a woman who is a workaholic and must go out on daily basis. Every time you go out, you just must put abaya under your clothes. No one can see your clothes if you are wearing an abaya. You can get different abayas according to your occasion. For the wedding, you can get a fancy abaya from Rafia. We have a variety of abaya collections that you may want to check out.

Provides the sense of security

Once you start wearing an abaya, you will feel secure and confident. You will never go on the regular clothing if you get the habit of wearing abayas. It also reduces the chances of men gawking and helps a woman to hide her shape and figure which makes her comfortable and secure.

Makes Your Faith Strong

Wearing an abaya also indicates your dignity and strong faith. A woman who covers her body from head to toe is a true follower of Islam. Society always respects you if you are wearing an abaya.

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