Twin with Your Little One: Matching Eid Outfit Ideas

Let's face it and enjoy the idea of matching outfits with your little ones this year. Be ready to enjoy an adorable and precious look. If you wish to have a good matching moment with your little one but are still curious about what to wear this Eid ul Fitr, we recommend you pick from an extensive range of ready to wear luxury pret Eastern wear options for both girls and boys. It will leave your overall look spellbound.

This Eid ul Fitr twin with your little ones in our Rafia's stunning and comfortable Mini Eid collection full of vibrant, bright colors, exquisite embroidery work, and traditional looks are perfect for all the upcoming events this year. So get ready to have an Eid lawn collection for women.

For more twin inspiration, keep reading. We have selected some of our favorite pieces that will make your wardrobes top-notch, so get started without any delay.

Mom and Little One Eid Edition

If you are still confused about your Eid ul Fitr look and are on the verge of some great Eastern wear shalwar kameez options, fret not. The Rafia collection has Eid dresses for ladies and women alike. These stylish dresses prove that twinning is simply winning.

Add A Bright Pop of Color

With the rising temperatures and summer days approaching, dressing up feels like havoc, and especially getting your little ones ready for Eid seems like a nightmare. In such situations, you want an Eid special dress that is comfortable, stunning, and festive enough.

This Eid, style yourself with our matching Eid ensembles, serving you and your daughter compliments left and right. Stylize yourself in bold hues with an extensive range of embroidery, donning this embroidery dobby suit with tassels at the back, making a difference.

Like other famous brands, the Rafia collection has launched some Eid sales this Eid for girl dresses. If you are looking for vibrant hues, this jacquard suit is simply what will elevate your look this Eid. Adding some color is also an amazing way to lift your mood and wardrobe.

Style in Our Three-Piece Embroidered Dresses

Geometric prints never go out of style. Make a matching statement with your little one this Eid in this three-piece embroidered collection for girls, straight stitched in kurta style and paired with matching trousers and dupatta.

The gorgeous shade of pink makes a ravishing statement and will make for a cutesy Eid ensemble for you and your little one.

You can complete this Eid look with traditional footwear such as khus. Make this Eid playful and full of quirky prints mixed with summer colors. Enjoy a monotone moment with this embroidered lawn collection for women's ensemble, perfect for you and your daughter.

Have an adorable matching moment wearing this gorgeous embroidered dress. Flared pants and geometrical illustrations are perfect to be worn on a hot summer day this Eid.

Keep It Striking and Elegant

For all the minimalist moms out there who want to enjoy Eid festivity ideas yet still true to their style, these traditional, colorful Eid looks are perfect for you. Keep it classy and simple this Eid ul Fitr with our beautiful Eid ensembles.

The featured raw lawn embroidered styled dress is a gorgeous, understated look for this Eid. The Navy blue dress appears regal and beautifully intricate with embroidery at the front, making it a complete must-have for the next occasion.

If you are in search of a more subtle colour then we suggest you opt for this golden dress paired with white jacquard.

Classic Luxury Pret Collection

A statement of classy outfit never goes out of fashion and turns heads. This Eid ul Fitr looks dapping and stylish in a cotton embroidered suit for women's wear and a luxury pret collection.

Dapper for Two

If you wish to leave a striking impact on the minds of your friends and family, then we suggest that you opt for a classic embroidered fine cotton waistcoat with a black shalwar kameez design for menswear and a matching waistcoat for your Father and son.

These Mother/daughter and Father/ son duo will elevate your family’s overall Eid look and make you festive-ready for all occasions.


Eid is a once-in-a-year moment, so don’t miss the chance to impress your family and friends with your stunning wear. Make this Eid a memorable and fashionable affair by twinning with your little one in coordinated outfits that reflect your unique style and personality. Taking care of your outfit says a lot about you as a person. A little serious approach toward your wardrobe will go a long way.

Explore a diverse range of designs and colors to find the perfect match for you and your mini-me. Impress your loved ones with your impeccable style and make this Eid a truly special occasion.

Have any concerns or queries? Feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to fix the problem you are facing and provide you with the best outfits to make your Eid memorable.