Get Access to These Unique & Adorable Handmade Designs


Wearing high quality clothes is an essential requirement for everyone, especially for those who have an eye for it. For this reason, online clothes shopping becomes a bit complicated for many of us because quality clothes come with an expensive price tag, and it just gets out of budget.

Similarly, there are not many brands out there who offer quality at low prices, and if once in a blue moon, we get in luck, we come across an ordinary design that doesn't match our personality. Keeping this concern in mind, we have managed to jot down some unique designs provided by, who offer top-drawer clothes, adorable and exceptional in quality and come at incredibly affordable prices.

So, if you are excited to explore the brand that is the jack of all cards and can provide you just the right dress at the right price, then have a look at some of their fantastic collection that will leave you amazed.

Design #1: Fj-50


If you are searching for something that is not just exquisite but will align perfectly with your sophisticated personality, then this is it! This article by Rafia is classic and yet set on the tone of the modern fashion. The three-piece suit contains an embroidered shirt and has stonework done on viscose fabric. It also comes with fancy lace and embroidered sleeves, plus the viscose trouser and an embroidered chiffon dupatta, complete its final look with perfection.

Design #2: Vlt-21


When it comes to unique styles and magnificent designs, Rafia helps your stand out and lets you leave an impactful impression. This article reflects that idea because it is based on a Velvet fabric embroidered with Tilla and sequence, just the masterpiece you were looking for. It comes in several sizes that you can select according to your own choice.

Design #3: Vlt-23

Similar to your distinct and beautiful choice, this design also holds its aura of grace and perfection. The colors highlight the dress that enlightens its uniqueness, and covers the style that speaks for itself. It has muted shades, which include graphite purple and antique tilla that makes every woman's choice that admires decency and empowerment.

Design #4: Dpl-49

Now, who doesn't like digital prints? We all do! And Rafia has just the right designs present for us in their fantastic collection. You can only visit their official website and wonder which one to pick, but this particular one caught our attention. It is affordable and covers all the quality standards that are usually missing in other brands. It is a three-price dress that comes with straight trousers and a chiffon dupatta.

Design #5: Dplk-03

Are you anxious about what to wear to the next gathering at your aunt's? Well, this is an excellent time for you to dig into the gorgeous collection of Rafia and set-reset your wardrobe with some outstanding designs. Here is one fantastic option that is a perfect representation of what they have for you! This mid-length kurta featured with the jewelry print design and compliments your personality as an elegant dress actually should. It is coming in several sizes, starting from small and going along to the extra-large.

Design #6: Dpl-54

What more can you probe for if you are getting just the accurate, high quality dress at only the right price that comes under your budget? However, Rafia is always happy to come up with something additional for their customers to bring extra joy in their lives. This midnight black dress is exclusively made for the stylish fashionista who like to give it a decent touch to their look. It has a digital printed dupatta and is paired with straight trousers.

To Finalize

Before complete finalizing, we have a bonus tip for you all. If you want to get in luck and score some great priced women clothing, then we suggest you explore more of Rafia's fantastic variety of dresses. You will only get inspired and amazed by everything that they have to offer. So, what's the wait? Grab yourself a unique & adorable design that makes you look beautiful and saves you more money.