Tips to Dress Your Kids for Wedding Season

We must know how difficult it may be to select an outfit or clothing that children want. Given that children can be quite selective and picky about what they wear, it is critical to pay attention to the fit and comfort of the clothing. 

Any mismatch or tightness can give even the tiniest discomfort, and your child may refuse to wear the clothing. Thus it is critical to pick an outfit that fits well.

In keeping with the theme:

Many parties have specific themes or colours that participants are expected to follow, and dressing your child in the same colour will make them feel more included in the party. 

If the party or occasion is more formal, such as a wedding or engagement, acquiring more than one outfit is strongly recommended, as events such as weddings and engagements can take more than one day. Sometimes, activities such as weddings might last a week or more.  

Another advantage of selecting more than one outfit is that children tend to spill or drop fluids and meals on their clothes, resulting in a stain and leaving you with little time to deal with it. 

You can also modify your child's appearance by having them wear a kid's Traditional attire one day and a western outfit the next. Not only will your youngster look forward to it, but it will also keep their excitement levels high.

Trend Recognition:

It is critical to understand colours and tints and choose them according to the seasons. During the summer, choosing light and breezy colours such as light yellow, sky blue, and light green will ensure that the costume does not absorb heat and that your child feels comfortable. 

Colours like dark maroon and dark green are best picked during the winter or near the end of autumn. While these are some fundamentals, another element to consider when shopping for costumes for children is keeping up with latest trends and developments. 

Choosing some detailed aspects from celebrity costumes and combining them into the outfit will not only ensure that the dress remains in fashion for a long time but will also provide a sense of excitement when the child is informed about it and looks forward to wearing it.

Maintaining your children's fashion sense:

While events like weddings are well planned and thought out, giving you plenty of time to buy an outfit, there may be times when an engagement ceremony catches you off guard, making it critical to always have traditional dresses for kids stacked up in the wardrobe ready for an unplanned occasion. 

It will also guarantee that your child has an outfit ready for any occasion that may require them to wear a traditional and elegant outfit, such as a traditional day at school or any other event that may require them to wear a traditional and stylish outfit.

Choosing something fashionable:

While classic costumes will appeal to older and more mature audiences, altering the clothes and combining them with lighter and funkier colours for children will ensure that the outfit is one that children look forward to wearing. 

Colours like pista green, peach, sky blue, and so on are popular with children, and wearing these colours for an engagement outfit, such as a kurta and then changing into a more formal and regal-looking sherwani is highly advised. 

When choosing a sherwani, maroon and dark blue are highly recommended.

When selecting costumes for your little princesses, a lehenga and a dupatta in light summer colours for the engagement are the appropriate dresses for kids. 

Outfits such as a gown with deeper and more beautiful hues, with work and designs, are highly recommended for the wedding ceremony itself and will go with the theme of the evening wedding.


Choosing the correct clothing for children can be challenging, frustrating, and exhausting, especially considering the limited number of alternatives available at Rafia and the fact that children are notoriously picky about their attire. 

Knowing where to look and what to buy can ensure that your child is always fashionably prepared, regardless of the occasion or event.

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