Rafia Designer Wear Brand Announces to offer Linen Print Collection?

Rafia designer wears brand is one of the leading fashion brands. Rafia has been in the market for a time and is a well-known brand among consumers. To strengthen its brand image, the brand launched the Rafia designer wear label online. The Rafia fashion label website offers women a beautiful range of linen dresses, evening gowns, and rosettes that can customize for different occasions.

As the new website has already been exposed, it would like to announce its new collection to its brand; a beautiful line of linen dresses print collection. The designers have always strived for perfection and will ensure that every fabric is spotless, making it perfect. It also has plans to manufacture other types of high-quality clothing that will gain great popularity in India due to its competitive price, attractive designs, and quality materials. 


Linen Print Collection of Rafia Designer:
It is a multi-brand fashion store that provides high-quality products while ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering orders on time. They also offer a wide variety of printed linen collection in un-stitched suiting. Although linen is an expensive fabric in the winter, ladies prefer to wear it. All the famous brands add this fabric also in their winter collection at high rates. 

These are a stunning fall color mix of dark blue, light crimson, and other colors.



It is the fabulous dress in this store, and its demand is increasing with time. It was available at Rs. 3990, and now it is available at Rs. 3590. 

It comes in various stitched sizes, including small, large, medium, and extra-large.

This winter, they're providing a purple combination with a printed dupatta and a printed floral and stripe pattern shirt for a traditional look.


This dress code is available at the same price as DPL-79. In stitched form, these are available in various sizes. To develop an exciting combination, it has blue color with a glittery design that is perfect for your wear. Dupatta and sleeves have a different color combination that gives a lavish look.


DPL-77 is outstanding with the bold color combination. Such a type of outfit is also the best addition to your wardrobe. It has red, orange, and a fascinating green shade that is eye-catching.


It is a three-piece available as ready wear form. It has digital multi-printed linen having blue color with other color contrast. It pairs up with a navy blue color shalwar and printed shawl. 

DPL-72 & 73:

DPL-72 is a combination of different classic colors that give a gorgeous appearance. It is also a digitally printed outfit. While DPL-73 was available at Rs. 4150, but now it has Rs. 3750. This timeless combination is sure to go with your holiday celebrations. 


DPL-80 linen dress available now at Rs. 3590. You can add this beautiful yellow with other multi-colored combinations having the beautiful digital print in your daily routine.