Latest Trouser Designs Available On

We are living in a continuously evolving world where trends keep on changing, designers experiment with existing trends and create entirely new designs all the time…nothing is the same going from one year to another. In twenty first century one can not even imagine sticking to one fashion in a country like Pakistan, that has such rich, versatile culture emerging from so many different origins and ethnicities. Variety in designs of our clothing lines comes from vibrant colors, funky designs, mixed with contemporary styles along with elegant embroidery detailing, all of this is mixed while keeping the overall look of designs very appealing.

People have changed their choice from typical three-piece dresses to single short, medium length kurtas, that goes very well with trouser. If you are going for some casual wear you can opt for cotton, where as moving towards formals you can have chiffon, net, raw silk, organza, banarsi and many fabric choices for your overall outfit and for your trouser.

As summer is quickly heading our way, most of ladies like to shift to bright, cool and multiple-colored trousers which can be worn throughout the spring, summer and autumn seasons. If you are fashion conscious than you will definitely want some of these to look stylish.


We have a variety of Pakistani trousers available for you on, some of those designs are:

Capri – Capri are like western women’s culottes that are straight or flared pant and finishes several inches above the ankle, which gives it a very quirky and trendy look.

Palazzo – Palazzo is a wide legged pant / trouser with much bigger flare and it is made mostly with light weight cloth so the big flare shows its proper grace.

Bootcut – Bootcut trouser is a less flared design of old school bell bottoms. These looks very nice specially when you have skinny legs. Wide legged bootcuts are mostly suited with heels or platforms.

Cigarette Legged – Cigarette legged trousers are very popular these days. These are straight fit trousers which are very narrow with skin fit feel. These can be worn on formal events or casual wear.

Embroidered – Embroidered trousers are a purely eastern yet very trendy design that increase the formal look of your overall dress.

Jacquard Trousers – Jacquard is a very fancy fabric that gives new life to simple designs and it is very widely used for weddings and similar events.


You would have already noticed by now that we have so many designs for customers with all kinds of liking. Best part is, that we offer all these fashionable trouser choices online. With COVID-19 19 pandemic, many customers hesitate to go to physical stores and that makes things difficult when you want to shop for clothes. is contributing towards your safety along with providing you top quality products in the comfort of your home. Whether you want a pret wear, casual wear, wedding dress or even trousers everything is exclusively designed for you. At, we design with a view to make you look good in much reasonable budget compared to other designers working in local fashion industry.