How Rafia's Abaya Collection is Unique from Others

There is tough competition in the fashion industry in Pakistan. This is why; to succeed in this cutthroat competition, any new brand needs to stand out as unique. Rafia has been able to make a place of its own in a highly competitive market within a short period. Here’s an overview of what makes Rafia’s abaya collection unique from that of others. Although it is noteworthy that Rafia is not just getting famous for its abaya collection, but also for other impressive Pakistani clothing it offers.

Impressive Abaya Designs

In most Asian countries where Islam is a predominant religion, women have to meet the social and religious requirements for a decent lifestyle. Sometimes, women want more than just Pakistani dresses. The abaya is known to be a type of garment worn over the usual clothing whenever a woman leaves home. It is an important and respectful part of a Muslim woman’s clothing and fashion statement.

The abaya covers the woman from her head to her feet, much like the hooded cloaks women used to wear in Britain back in the 18th century.  The variation in design from hooded cloaks to abayas is due to the Islamic requirements to safeguard the honor of a woman in the modern world. At the same time, as it does not mean women do not need to beautify their outerwear or abaya, Rafia’s abaya collection is making a great impression. The splendor and beauty of the collection by Rafia offer great designs, colors, and quality in abayas.

The designers of the abayas have balanced the Islamic requirements with a subtle and admirable style statement. The designs are not extravagant, not vulgar in any way, and not against the Islamic teachings. They make the women look and feel respectable and fashionable at the same time. It is in keeping with the modern life we lead and balances the Islamic values.

Huge Variety in Abayas Available

At Rafia’s, you can find different stylish abaya designs, with some with front open, some with a silk scarf, some with no buttons, and in a variety of fabrics. Some are with a front pati, in plain viscose sleeves, and overall, some have embroidered pati in the finishing, while others are just plain with sparkling work.

There is a huge variety of colors for you to choose from and buy online. You can find colors like blue, black, gray, brown, orange, pink, red, etc. Moreover, they are available in a variety of sizes for women of all physiques.

Buy Abaya Online

Now you can buy abayas online through a secure portal. All you have to do is pick the item you want and proceed to checkout. There is home delivery anywhere in Pakistan. Orders above Rs.3000 come with the free delivery benefit, which you may want to avail.

The delivery services by Rafia make it one of the best experiences to shop online. You can receive your order within three to five days. You receive a confirmation email and SMS upon placing your order. Rafia also takes orders from people in the UK, Canada, and the US. There is a lot more to explore at Rafia’s like Pakistani dresses and its line of unique designer dresses (shalwar kameez).

Why waste more time? Get access to the exclusive collection of abayas and place your order.