Here's How Abayas Collection by Rafia Designer Wear is Unique from Others

Women are traditionally considered fashionistas. However, only women have been dressing in a certain way for ages. They would buy large amounts of clothes from designers and make sure that everyone could access them at the same time on all major platforms. is the leading brand that has focused on providing all clothing varieties from casual to fancy outfits and abayas collection.


 Abayas are the best option for everyone, whether you are a student, an office professional, or even in your 40s. The reason is simple. They offer an abaya collection that is unique from others.

Abaya purchasing online in Karachi is popular among Muslim women. Using an abaya or hijab is a way for women to cover their bodies with soft, black clothing to appear courteous and elegant.


Collection of Abayas/Gown at


The demand of the gown is usually black color but others also available like brown, off white, and many more. Nowadays, women love to wear stylish and trendy designs. Designers and online shops have created a variety of fashion trends to give women more choices. When you decide to purchase it, consider some aspects, like shade, fabric, and design. 




You can buy the G-222 gown code at Rs. 4990. These are available in various sizes like small, large, medium, and extra-large. It is in gown style, having upper in black color with heavily threaded embroidery while inner is in light shade.




G-235 abayas is an off-white linen open gown with a karoshi net jacket and sleeves. It is available at an affordable price of around Rs. 3825. People are usually confused about the fabric of gowns, but you make sure these are high-quality fabrics. 




G-233 is a frock style in bold red color combination having multiple shade threaded embroidery in pocket style. You can buy this high-quality fabric abaya at Rs. 3590. 




It is open style gown having skin color upper and inner but black embroider sleeves.

The gown of it has one-sided black thread embroidery. You can buy this unique collection from Rafia at Rs. 6290.




You can preserve this magnificent and fashionable product at a reasonable cost of Rs. 4450. This blue color abaya has an embroidered border on the gown and sleeves. 




The gown is a traditional Arabian garment that provides the best body protection for Muslim women. It is available at this online store as an open gown having Allen fabric and smooth embroidery with a beautiful contrast of thread. It is now available at Rs. 3590. 




G-236 collection is simple but unique and elegant. It enhances your personality grace to another level.  


It is an open gown with a rich embroidery neckline available in various colors for Rs. 3950.




G-210 signature appearance makes this distinct from other styles. It is a long open frock style having grey color with floral embroidery. It is affordable for you at Rs. 3590.