A Guide to Choosing Perfect Abaya for Formal Occasions

An Abaya is probably one of the most elegant and respectable clothing items any woman would want to add to her wardrobe. However, selecting the perfect abaya for a formal occasion can be a tricky matter. This is why we are here to offer a quick guide so you can wear any of our Pakistani designer dresses and drape yourself in an Abaya as well.

Let us get right to it.

Choose the Inner Dress Right

A formal event could be an Eid celebration with an entire family gathering. It could be an engagement celebration in the family or even an anniversary where you need to look sophisticated and elegant. Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is what you would wear under the Abaya. Surely, you would wear one of our formal Pakistani designer dresses.

Depending on the weather, choose wisely so that you stay relatively cool and comfortable if the event is during the summer. In winters wear something cotton or chiffon.

Choose the Right Abaya Fabric

Just as it is important to choose the right material for the inner depending on the weather, choose the fabric of the abaya right as well. You can go for something made of georgette to wear during summers. During winters, you can go for a thicker fabric.

Choose the Hijab Right

What is your skin tone? If you have a lighter skin tone, then go for something dark and appealing. If you have a darker skin tone, you will want to explore our cool colors, most of which are powder shades.

Choose the Right Size

Size matters! You need to select an abaya that is just right for your body mass. It must not be too tight and not oversized. Keep in mind that you would be wearing something under, and it adds to your body mass. Therefore, pick a size that would be just good enough and comfortable. Buying an abaya that is close to your actual body size would become tight when you wear it over something.

Besides, if you are wearing Pakistani formal dresses with embroidery, beadwork, and tussles, then you do not want the abaya to tear off by getting stuck to tangles.

Classic, Daily-wear, Formal, and Luxury Abaya

At Rafia, we have all kinds of abaya options. What are you more inclined to enjoy wearing? Do you like the classic style abayas? Would you like something formal for formal occasions, do you want a casual one for daily wear, or do you want a luxury abaya?

Depending on your choice, you will find a huge array of options to choose from, so head to our store now. We have some very impressive abayas that suit all of our Pakistani designer dresses. You will love the fabric and you can get them in any size. Moreover, we have them in so many colors; you can find something for every occasion. Whether it is for casual wear, luxury clothing, or formal occasion, we have you covered.

As always, we offer the most affordable prices on all our Pakistani designer dresses, so start shopping now.