6 Most Popular Abaya Styles on Rafia.pk

An Abaya is a sign of modesty, respect, and decency for the women of the Muslim World. Abaya is the long robe or cloak which covers the whole body from neck to toe. It is an easy and convenient way to cover the female body according to the teaching of Islam. 

Someone has beautifully described the Abaya in a Nutshell by;


A Woman modestly dressed is as a pearl in its shell.


A wide variety of modern and elegant Abaya is available at Rafia.pk. Abayas at Rafia Designer Wear have been designed by keeping in view the different age groups, desires, and fashion trends. The most popular and stylish Abaya of them are;

  1. DPG-13

This elegant and stylish Abaya is designed for young College/University going girls who like to have a snobbish and voguish look. The Black and white combination with golden hexagon patterns on it gives it a decent as well as modish look. Double -layered folded sleeves makes you feel trendy and comfortable at the same time. To give it a more contemporary look, the front side of Abaya is designed in a rounded shape with a shorter length than the backside which is longer in length with a normal square look. . The Black Stoll is enlightened with black delicate lace which enhances its elegancy.

  1. G-214

This frock style modish and decent Abaya is designed for the age bracket of 15-25 years girls to wear on Formal Gatherings. The alternate designing of plain and floral cloth straps enhances the classic look of this particular Abaya and makes it popular among the women, who want to have a fashionable and exemplary look. The plain scarf with fine lace intensifies the beauty of this attractive eye-catching gown.

  1. DPG-09


This Red-colored self-printed floral designed Abaya is specially created for newlywed brides with the matching scarf to give brides a unique, trendy, and bright look. The Abaya is front open with an embroidered strap at the front gives it a trendy look. The scarf is of the same color outlined neatly with a green colored strap. The Sleeves have embroidered flowers with beads in it make them simple and elegant as well. This is a perfect choice as a Bridal Gift which will always brighten the colorful memories like its outlook.

  1. G-216

This Abaya is specially designed for the age bracket of 25-35 with an idea to give these women a contemporary modern look. The Abaya is available in Crimson red color with a black cloth strap all over the length and also on the sleeves. The sleeves are bell-shaped with a beautiful embroidered motif at the edge of each cuff. The same motif in a bigger size is embroidered at the side of the gown with black color tassel gives it an elegant look. The Abaya is front open which gives it a modern western look with the slits at the side. The black color stole with the crimson red strap at the back gives it in mix n match look which strengthens its beauty.

  1. G-168

This Moroccan Style Abaya is designed for women of the age group 30-40 years who like to dress in a traditional outfit. The Abaya is beautifully embroidered at the front and lower side. The sleeves are bell-shaped with embroidered cuffs. The mix n match embroidery over the Abaya boosts its exquisiteness and makes it irresistible to wear during formal occasions. Plain and simple but elegant scarf of the same color with black strap and tassel makes this Abaya outstanding among other Traditional Gowns.  

  1. DPG-12


This Omani Style sophisticated and graceful Abaya is designed for women who have elegant and decent taste. The gown is light in color with a self-printed floral design gives it outstanding look. Beads Tassels all over the Abaya and on Stoll intensify the allurement of this particular gown. This Impressive gown is very well designed for Formal as well as for Casual Parties and Gatherings.  Being Well Dressed is a Beautiful form of Politeness is the true endorsement which goes along with these type of gowns, as the soft and pastel color of this Abaya speaks out about the enchanting personality of the women wearing it.