5 Types of Unstitched Clothing at Rafia.pk

There is a wide range of attractive unstitch collections at the Rafia.pk. These Pakistani designer clothes are made with high-quality material and trendy designs.


Slub Viscose

Slub Viscose is the first type of unstitched collection of Pakistani designer dresses at Rafia.pk. Slub Viscose dresses are best for winter wear as their fabric is thick and has a beautiful fall. Most buyers anticipate winter since they want to purchase attractive winter apparel linked with the weather. Colors like plum, bright green, brown, bright pink, and orange are included in this collection as these colors have this warm vibe for this season. This unstitched collection has a 3-pc suite that consists of a thick shawl-type dupatta that is perfect. You can even wear these dresses to your office or use them in daily casual wear.



Buying a Jacquard material dress is the most comfortable alternative if you want to feel relaxed. It's the lightest silk and woven fabric made on a Jacquard loom, and Pakistani fashion designers have demonstrated their inventiveness by incorporating gorgeous and attractive textures into Jacquard garments. In Pakistan, jacquard outfits are quite popular. Most people would wear Jacquard gowns on important occasions because of their expensive appearance. The inherent sheen of the jacquard unstitch suits adds to their charm and makes them ideal for events and ceremonies.



The material is made of a unique and special microfibre that is exceptionally soft and breathable. It is frequently colored in pastel colors, but bolder colors have been integrated into the cloth over time. The Karandi Material is sweat-resistant and breathable, and it does not shrink. Karandi suits are known for their earthy tones and beautiful fall color combinations. Given that now the material is on the more expensive side and is intended to be worn on formal occasions, it is an unsaid expectation that it be dressed elegantly.


Leather peach

Leather Peach is a shiny unstitched collection available in beautiful hues for the winter season. The rich color tones are a must-have this season as this material has grace and class in its way. There's no doubt that these dresses are the best choice for a close family dinner or even your child's first birthday party.


You can pair it with a nice piece of earrings and a clutch. The floral designs give the whole dress a rich look that will make you stand out on any occasion. Most of the colors Rafia used are bright and warm. Maroon and blue are the best sellers. You must check out the leather peach unstitch collection.



As designers begin to present their new lawn collection 2022 one by one, the Latest Lawn Collection 2022 is ever ready to cool down the hot summer weather with a blend of lovely colors in their diverse hues. Because the summers in Pakistan last over ten months, the lawn is the most desired material. However, the quality of this material has improved over time. As a result, Pakistani designers have given lawn a luxury look with new casual styles to enjoy wearing clothes in the hot, sweating heat.


Get your hands on the unstitch collection of Rafia and make your daily wear all fancy.