5 Reasons to Wear Abayas for Women

Abaya is a garment worn by women all around the globe. It’s long-sleeved and floor-long, and it’s designed to hide the body's curve. It can be worn over other clothes or with a coat. Most of the ladies in the Pakistan love to wear abaya clothes as an integral part of their clothing, since these are usually suitable for the regions hot and dusty weather. There's a reason why women in the Gulf are regarded as the best-dressed people in the world. For me, it's all about the dress, which is a long flowing gown that can be flat or decorated. Abaya is not just a dress. It’s an integral part of a modern day wardrobe that can be worn on any occasion. There are many reasons to wear one of these pieces. If you think that it’s not fashionable, think again. Rafia.pk has abayas which are fashionable and modest as well. Here are the 5 reasons for women to wear abayas by Rafia.pk.


Abayas are usually worn by women as a symbol of modesty by muslim women. These abayas are the full length gown which covers the entire body and you won’t have to always be careful about your clothes or being proper in public.

Fashion statement for modern women:

Wearing abayas is very common among modern women. They often try the latest designs and styles to make them look stylish and elegant. Abayas are created with the latest trends in fabrics and styles. These are the ones that modern women must-have. The flares and flowing style make abayas stand out from the rest.


For simplicity

Abayas are simple and plain, but they can be made with various designs and motifs. Abayas are often accessorized with beads, ribbons, and painted decorations. This is done in various ways, such as along the shoulders, front or back of the jacket, and even on the cuffs. Abayas are classic as they are simple yet they can make a style statement.



While women still prefer to feature their eyes through makeup, they often go for other cosmetic procedures such as henna. This art form is a temporary tattoo that women apply to their hands. The abayas can be asseccorized with many things and can make your style prominent.


You can be carefree about your clothes when you are wear abayas. You do not have to worry about your clothing choice on the daily basis you can just wear simple yet stylish abayas and be carefree. You can wear hijab with the abayas. hijab is a headscarf that covers the hair. Usually, it is made of light material. For women who prefer to keep their hair in a straight line, the hijab is the best choice.

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