4 Trending Abaya Styles at Rafia.pk

The trending abayas of hijab are not just continued to Muslims but also to non-Muslim countries as well. This has led to many Pakistani designer brands to introduce Best Abayas. The designer brand abayas are very attractive and a fantastic option for the ones looking for abayas. To carter to millions of women living in their and for them to feel appropriate and convinced and own their designing choices.

Rafia.pk is one of the top Pakistani clothing brands. They have high quality fabric; they create unique and trending work of fashion line that associate ethnic culture aspect. Thing that makes this brand unique is they take a particular approach in designing abayas. Available in all shapes and sizes, these abayas are embroidered beautifully that it will not match the design of the abayas at retail shops. The company relies on minimal overlays in its design and assure that your wardrobe features a bit of color. They end up making all the designs relevant for anyone regardless age. This gives every woman a excellent attire for any occasion. They have variety of designs available that you will have a wide range to choose a single one. They cater to the needs of different classes and ensure that their abayas designs are modest, elegant and feminine to keep women comfortable and confident.

Rafia.pk is an elegant Pakistani designer brand that beats counterparts when it comes to perfect composure and class. It bears exquisite designs that are sure hard to find in any other brand. Their collection includes phenomenal lines of abayas look unique and striking.  

Rafia.pk has some classy types of abayas.

  • Closed abaya:- these are traditional types of abaya style that women pick up who want a elementary and sophisticated look.
  • Open button abaya:- this has an alluring cape-like look has an open front. It also comes with a button to close it and is purely fashionable piece.
  • Abaya cardi:- this abaya has a cardigan-like design and give us an illusion of a long shrug.
  • Butterfly abaya:- these are the fancy abayas, perfect for parties. It has a flared and flowy look to make the wearer look glamorous.

Rafia.pk provide you guidance to choose perfect and best Pakistani designer abayas according to your body shape. Try to shop as per your body type, knowing your size to judge right is very important.

  • Pear shaped body has slim arms and shoulders are heavy thighs, hips and buttock. They should go for an abaya dress with tight sleeves and flared bottoms. The umbrella dress or anarkali abaya would be the best option.
  • Apple shaped body have a heavy top, broad shoulder, fuller bust, waist and upper back; so, they should buy the loose fitting abaya or basic abaya designs.
  • Hour glass shaped body has a broader bust and hips and a narrow waist, and they should get themselves an abaya with a loose fit and wider bottom.
  • Rectangular shaped body is the most common one, and they can choose any abaya dress for them.